etoile_etiolee (etoile_etiolee) wrote,

Why Chuck why?

How could they?

How could they give a freaking "GOD" episode to the Buckner-Lemming duo?


Although I praise Jensen's acting, well, the whole cast, obviously, the plot made no sense. they destroyed a brand new character -God- making him look like a dick instead of the sensitive, angry, very complexe Chuck we got to know in the previous episode. They weren't able to give weight and layers to what is maybe one of the most important moments in the brother's life: Them meeting god. Jensen really gave everything he had, and Jared's renderness of Sam's nervousness, amazement and fanboying was fantastic, very touching, but it couldn't save an episode that should've been treated way more seriously. The implication of God being there, in the flesh, in the SPN universe is huge. It affects so many things. How to use God, as a character, should've been given more thoughts. And you don't give something so delicate to a duo of writers responsible for some of the worse spn episodes.

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Tags: all in the family, episode 21, i am not a happy camper, season 11, show, spoilers

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