etoile_etiolee (etoile_etiolee) wrote,

Masterlist to come

This used to be my masterlist. It still should be. I edited it the other day with the pretty banner milly_gal made for me and it was fine. Then, I received a message yesterday from a new reader who wants to know if I had a masterpost. And I'm like: "yeah, sure, it's right-

Nothing. My sticky post vanished into thin air. Just the thought of redoing it from scratch makes my head hurt. I. hate. Editing. formating. Everything related to those two aweful words.

Anyway, this message is up temporarily,just to say the masterpost will be back... eventually. In the meantime, for those who would like to read my fics and don't know where to start, you can find all of them on AO3, except for a couple of ficlets.

Here's a link to my account


Little Star
Tags: masterlist, masterpost

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