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This used to be my masterlist. It still should be. I edited it the other day with the pretty banner milly_gal made for me and it was fine. Then, I received a message yesterday from a new reader who wants to know if I had a masterpost. And I'm like: "yeah, sure, it's right-

Nothing. My sticky post vanished into thin air. Just the thought of redoing it from scratch makes my head hurt. I. hate. Editing. formating. Everything related to those two aweful words.

Anyway, this message is up temporarily,just to say the masterpost will be back... eventually. In the meantime, for those who would like to read my fics and don't know where to start, you can find all of them on AO3, except for a couple of ficlets.

Here's a link to my account


Little Star

Sherlock fanfic -Chapter 2

But first, I want to thank you guys for your comments and messages. I am so lucky to have fandom friends like you lot -It's been months since I have left lj and still, a lot of you have taken the time to write back to me. Group hug!

I just posted the second chapter of The Adventure of the Expecting Detective, here
Thanks to my sweet, wonderful JJ for the beta work and the brit picking.

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To all my friends I haven't answered to.
To all the fics I swore I would write but didn't.
I can't be part of this fandom anymore.

I love you all, and hope you'll forgive me.

Therapy Verse: The Weight of my pain

This is the fourth installment in my therapy 'verse. You can read the previous stories Here on Ao3 or starting Here on LJ

Title: The Weight of my Pain
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 6k
Summary: The third night at Jensen's reveals to Jared a lot more about his patient/lover/maybe-futur-boyfriend. Of course, Jared can't get enough of making love to him, any way they can, but as Jensen opens up to him, he can finally see the complexity of the man and the issues that might be in store for them. As for Jensen, he's showing to Jared his most vulnerable side, but when the pain hits, psychological or physical, it's not like he has the choice.
Ratings: NC-17 for explicit sexual situation and language.
Kinks: Rimming, dirty talk, coming untouched
Beta reading: The awesome candygramme
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I make no profits. This story is my intellectual property.

The Weight of My Pain on Ao3 (link should work in a couple of hours)

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J2 au fic: One Step Forward (sequel to Bath time) : Therapy 'verse

So, I have three stories now, and apparently I'm not done. I don't really know where this is going. Is it turning into a long fic? Naw, too porny... Maybe a series, or a verse? I don't even know the difference between the two.

I do know that each time I finish a "part" it has a wrapped-up, or an ending feel to it. Because of that, I'm not feeling restrained the same way I do when I write a multi-chapters story -it will never be a WIP, which is great (let's be honnest, there is nothing more frustrating in fanfiction than a WIP). Let's call this a 'verse. It will be my Therapy 'verse. I'm gonna let those two characters take me wherever they want to go. And you guys are welcome to tag along.

Title: One Step Forward
Word Count: 5k
Summary: On his second night working as Jensen Ackles' caretaker, Jared is eager to suggest they take things further. He knows the man has issues -hell, the legs are just the tip of the iceberg- but he doesn't care: he's in love. The night is very different than the previous one. Jensen has a lot to say, and Jared a lot to give.
Warnings: NC-17 for explicit sexual situation, drug use and language.
Kinks: Comfort!sex, vulnerable!Jensen, handjob, ass play, dirty talk, blow job.
Beta:The always efficient and awesome candygramme
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I make no profits out of this story but it is my intellectual property.

Read the 'verse from the beginning Here
Read the 'verse on AO3 Here
Read One Step Forward on AO3 Here

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